This week’s medical update

Last Monday I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist Dr. McVey. She is the KU Medical doctor that I have been seeing. Susie and I reviewed with her what has been going on, and we looked over the test results from Mayo again.

The good news is that I have no new symptoms, accept the ones that can be explained by the surgery. My index finger and middle finger have lost some strength, which might just be normal, and I continue to have pins and needles in my left hand and arm. It might take as long as two years for this to heal up.

I am going to do some physiotherapy with the arm and this should bring back some strength. So here is the bottom line. If I have no new symptoms in the next five to six months I am out of the woods.

I gave Dr. McVey a big hug, and that’s unusual for me because I am not a big hugger. I figured she needed a hug because she told me I was dying and while I am dying it is at a much slower rate they she predicted.

A few take a ways I learnt from this experience.

1. People are much nicer to you when they think you are dying.
2. Diet and exercise doesn’t seem as important as having an ice cream.
3. Shit just doesn’t matter.
4. I better be present in this life because one day it going to end and I should enjoy the ride.

This week I finished Jenny Lawson’s book Furiously Happy and it’s a recommended read if you think you are bat-shit crazy. Normal people can read it too.