My life be like

It’s Saturday morning and I woke and with a sinus or what I think is a sinus headache. I had been hoping that is would just resolve itself, but this has not proven to be the case, so I have taken some action to get this thing under control.

I used a Neti pot to clear everything out, it’s the most awesome device for dealing with sinuses, I put some Vicks in my nose and took a couple of Advil and a cup of coffee. The coffee is for the soul, and it not part of the campaign against my sinuses. I like using military terms when talking about my overall health it makes it sound so much more, I don’t know… urgent.

I am continuing to battle with fatigue and am sleeping a lot and taking naps. I either have fatigue or I am transforming into a cat. I eat, sleep, look at stuff and walk around like I own the world and am master of my domain. The metamorphism has started. I hope I get a tail.

Susie and I volunteer at the Pit Bull rescue, and it was our first time doing it solo. We are a great team and rocked everything out like a BOSS, then it was off to see a friends Art show. Actually Donald (Scribe) and Alisa had two shows. Donald’s was upstairs and Alisa’a was downstairs.

Each show was wonderful, and Susie purchased a drawing of Donald’s. I think is maybe the best birthday present ever. I think might go back and get a piece of Alisa’s, there was something of hers that I just loved.

Phyiscal therapy is going well. I am squeezing and bending stuff to try and get my left hand stronger and I just need to be patience.

For everyone that has been wondering about the state of my bottom. It is doing well, I followed the advise of my Aunt and the probiotics she recommended had been doing their magic. So the itch that would never die has been replaced my the crackling headache from hell. Seems like a fair trade since on like to have diversity in my malady’s.

I am grateful for both, because that means I am alive and kicking. Death makes you grateful for everything.

Now I will return to the mundance, Susie and I ate dinner at Fric and Frac’s. They have a weekly Friday night special of KC steak. Yum and then off to Miami Ice for ice cream. Ice Cream is my weakness and somehow fills that small hole of longing inside of me.

We finally saw Mission Impossible and enjoyed a romp through the improbable and outlandish.

Today the agenda is open. Susie is sleeping and all the animals have been feed. Tranquillity covers us like a blanket. I have no new symptoms to report and the Vick’s is doing its job.



4 thoughts on “My life be like

  1. Kay Squire says:

    Dear Maximus, please go into the detail of the ’cause’ of your difficult, uncomfortable bottom~ ie: link the sequence of events that brought you to the healing power of probiotic/acidophillus & Why the medical system could/would not offer you such a Simple system to bring your body Back into Balance?
    Look to yourSelf for ths answer becoz its IN Your own Body. .

  2. Kay Squire says:

    Dear Max, most people who ‘think’ they have a sinus problem in fact have Candida whch would mean for you that you have the Same problem in your head that you had in your Anus/bottom
    Candida starts in the belly & when left unchecked spreads throughout the entire Glandular system~when it reaches the head its becoz All of the other glands are full
    Chemical drugs provide a breeding ground for Candida, much in the same way that you would Feed a ginger beer bug in the direction of Fermentation
    I can only presume that Advil is a chemical escape from taking responsibility for the ‘condition’?
    ~& then you added coffee . .

    Without the full function of our Glands we have little to No Immunity & without that our body becomes the Target for degenerative disease
    You might want to start joining the Dots Maximus before the problem becomes Maximum

    Did you get my 1st response that I mistakenly tagged to an April post
    Crabby Aunty~

  3. Kay Squire says:

    CAndida in any area covers your nerve endings like a condom would, hence there would be No Transmission between your nerves if your glands are all glued up~do I need to describe the Outcome? Name Any condition that is related to the Brain &/or the Pineal & Pituitary~Please Ponder this
    My main concern at ths time Is that your Curiosity does Not just end with ‘parroting’ INFORMATION but rather start at the head of the snake
    (in the game of snakes & ladders) & take the Journey All the way down to the end of its Tale ie your Own End (limit/capacity) until you find your Own Truth
    Your greatest threat now is just ‘skating’ across the Surface & Never becoming Aware of the Current that runs beneath the Ice

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