Oscar the Turtle

I once lived in Indiana and worked for a weekly newspaper north of the city of Fort Wayne. Each year this small town had a weekly celebration called Turtle Days. It honored Oscar the turtle which lived in a local body of water.
The story goes that Oscar was once a pet that had been released into the lake around 1903. For some unknown reason he had continued to grow and grow, maybe it was the fertilizer runoff from the farms or maybe Oscar was a genetic throw back. It was only when cats and dogs started to disappear did people look out onto waters of the lake and wondered if Oscar had grown tired of the taste of fish.
The city elders in 1953 decided that the lake should be dredged and if Oscar existed it was decided he would be captured and placed back into captivity, but when they started dredging in the spring there was an above average rainfall and the task could not be completed. Every once and a while a cow will go missing but nobody looks to hard to find it.

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