Rodger the Cat

Last week my wife shared a story she was reading on Facebook posted by a person in our neighborhood. It was about Rodger their cat and how it had gotten loose again. I was half listening, because cats and the Internet was not exactly breaking news. It was the “Again” part of the story that caught my interest. “Again” I asked. Apparently they cannot keep their cat in the house, it is such a force of nature that even though they close the windows and lock the doors Rodger breaks free.

They asked if anyone had seen him. In a later post a neighbor had reported that they had found Rodger sleeping in their dog house, but didn’t have the upper body strength to carry him back. They tried to put a kitty collar round his neck but it wouldn’t fit and they then tried a small dog harness, but he had managed to break free and destroyed it in the process. I was thinking shackles and a straight jacket might do the trick. I hadn’t pictured this feline Houdini as an over-sized Garfield.

They reported later that after feeding him a can of cat food he had calmed down a bit, and with her husband’s help had managed to lift him into their son’s radio flyer and would be returning him shortly. Rodger, tummy full seemed to be quite content to be trundled home.

I look down at my two cats and am glad they can’t read, a neighborhood only needs one Rodger.

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