ALS April 7th


This morning we went to Mayo and meet with Dr. Smith and she asked a series of questions and did some tests and then Dr. Crum joined her and repeated a lot of what she had done earlier. They both said that I had retained much of my strength and the tongue was a concern. They wanted to do some more blood work so Susie and I went over to the Hilton building and they drew some blood, the tests should be back in about 4 hours. This afternoon I am going to repeat the EMG
test part of is the nerve conduction test where they shock me for a while. Tomorrow there is more testing and I am meeting with some physical and speech therapists.

Everything else is going well, I am happy. Nat has suggested that I exploit my condition in the unexplored area of ALS humor. He said it would seem more authentic coming from me. I love his gallows humor and I told him I was coming back as a Zombie and recommended that nobody stand to close to my coffin at the viewing.

Mayo is awesome, everyone here is so kind and nice and the complex is huge. They have given us a beeper each time we had to wait. It is kind of like Applebees but a little more somber.

I don’t know what is says about be but seeing all these sick people in wheelchairs makes feel better and worse at the same time. It is going to be nice to meet other people that have ALS just to hear how they are doing and to listen to their stories. This will get setup on April 27th. Nothing has changed and Susie and I are just talking this one step at a time

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