ALS April 8th


I started the tests at 1:30 pm and got done about 4:30 pm. yesterday. There are two parts to the test, the first is that they shock you with electricity. They start off low and then increase the voltage or amps, I don’t know the difference between the two to just below electric fence or knife in a toaster. It’s a good jolt and can make your body jump.

The second part of the test is sticking needles in your nerves and grinding it around while looking at a screen. This hurts like hell, if you want to know what it feels like ask a friend to get a sewing needle stick it anywhere in you arm, preferably a nerve but anywhere will do and then ask them to grind it around. I had this done to me for about an hour.

The final part of the exam was, yes you guessed it, they stuck a needle in my tongue! They had been telling me that they were going to be doing this the entire test. I guess they were thinking I should know right from the start. I have some news for them, you can wait to tell me that you are going to have stick a needle in my tongue right up until the moment you actually have to do it not three hours before, make it a surprise. I am just saying….

So what did they find? You have three major nerves in your arm apparently, the radial, median and ulnar. Who would have guessed? My radial and median are fine and my ulnar nerve has some problems. The good news is that my tongue nerve is fine the bad news is that a tongue bend is often the first indication that something bad is going on.

I have an appointment with a physical therapist this afternoon and then will learn more tomorrow when Susie and I meet with Dr. Crum and Dr. Smith.

Oh yes we found dog pooh in our room behind the TV. I love this hotel its just like home.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Love you Max and holding you in my heart today.Love the posts and love your sense of humour coming through. The needles routine sounds like a. Nightmare.

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