ALS May 24th 2015

ALS Diary May 24, 2015

Today Susie and I are packing to go back up to Mayo for testing. I am scheduled to do another EMG test on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. This is the third time that I have taken the test. I woke this morning and yesterday morning anxious and depressed knowing what the test entails. The test is long and painful, and it’s always uncertain what they might find. Last time they found a problem with the ulnar nerve, and hopefully the test results remain the same.

Susie and I will be meeting with the neuro surgeon and my neurologist to talk about the options with my arm. We are not sure what they might recommend, but we are both concerned that they are focusing only on this one area without taking into consideration the totality of the symptoms. This is a common trait with doctors, and we both want to make sure that we take time to consider all of my options and symptoms.

The other treatment that is available is called IVIG, the link is belong if you are interested in the medical details. (

Work has been extraordinarily stressful over the last week and it has exacerbated my symptoms, especially in the evening and during the night. I am very fatigued at the moment and during the weekend I have very little energy to do anything. Susie has been wonderful letting just veg on the couch.

Home is a sanctuary for me; I am reluctant to go out unless we have something planned. Home is where I can restore, relax and recover.
I wanted to tell you how grateful for everyone’s kind words and positive thoughts. I feel supported loved. I am grateful for my health. The trick for me is to stay in the present moment, and to take this process one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “ALS May 24th 2015

  1. Kay Squire says:

    Max, please remember that you are NOT a ‘condition’, you are a Whole person or rather you Would be if you would just Stop reducing yourself to a ‘symptom’ ie energy flows where your emergy goes. If you break yourself down into fragments your are fracturing your very Soul & you will flush your Spirits down the toilet into the basement of your emotions~Voila, the proof is in the pudding.
    Max its Hard in the Exhaustion but if you can Just Watch your Breath you Will be able to Raise yourself Up Abouje the Density that you are experiencing
    Sean, Fear Is Immobilising but you Dont have to Feed it wth thougit~just B R E A T H E, wthOut trying ie just Fall into the Breath
    Im Anxious for you & im sure that Baqgb will be too~Let Us Carry the anxiety for you & Let Go, Give Up & Trust in a Miracle♥♡♥
    Im walking Beside you & Loving you Lots♥

  2. Kay Squire says:

    Max, do you have Rescue Remedy? Please take it 4x daily through ths~it will help you to Relax plus it will dissolve the SHOCK in your system♥

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